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DENT 2003 Super Modified National Championship Demolition Derby

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Sunday, May 25, 2003
Limaland Motorsports Park
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6th Annual DENT Super Modified National Championship Demolition Derby took place on Sunday, May 25th 2003 at one of the countries top rated short tracks, Limaland Motorsports Park in Lima, Ohio. The capacity crowd was given a display of the most incredible pounding of any demolition derby. It's a show most will never forget.

120 champion drivers from across the nation came and competed on the asphalt infield in the countries toughest demolition derby. When the non-stop bone-crushing action concluded, Larry Sittloh from Indiana was the single surviving driver, and was named the 2003 DENT Super Modified National Champion. Larry Sittloh took home the coveted Franklin-Root Award, the DENT Championship Ring.

Past 2001 National Champion Lloyd Kirkham of Indiana was unable to regain his title and past 2000 National Champion Ron Stepro of Indiana made it to the feature but did not get into the top 3. Both from Ohio two-time Mad Dog Winners, Jim "Shuman" Shumaker and Kevin "The Punisher" Gaffin showed the crowd what real slamming is all about. Other real crowd pleasers were Mad Dog Winners, North Dakota's Mike "Plum Crazy" Gebro, Minnesota's Tom Stern and Ohio's James Albert.

Fans enjoyed watching the exciting show that included 4 qualifying Heats, an exciting 30-car Pro Modified Smash-Off intermission show and the final Feature showdown. The 20 car Feature was run "until the death" - which was the last car running to make that last hit. Back by popular demand was "The new ENFORCER" - an 8,000-pound wrecking machine used to punish sandbagging drivers who failed to deliver their required hits.

2003 DENT Central Region Pro Modified Championship Smash-Off
During the intermission between the 4th Heat and the final feature, DENT hosted another spectacular display of viscous hits and the will to be the last car running. Randy Highley from Ohio was the winner and once again, Troy Wisecup from Ohio won the hearts of the fans with winning the Mad Dog Award for the second time in two years.

DENT had a special celebrity driver competing in the Smash-Off by the name of Funkmaster Flex. Flex being straight from New York City figured to show the Pros of the sport how things are done back east on the city streets. Well, the Michael "Slam Man" Decker built Pro Modified machine was enough for the show, but Funkmaster Flex wasn't as tough as the car. He did put in a good showing and hopes to run again. This was taped and will be televised on TNN or the new Spike Network.


"Mark Winsick Blues Band"
New York's legendary blue guitarist Mark Winsick entertained fans, crews and drivers during the track party. Beer, food and drink at the driver and car meet and greet track party is always a success.

Ralphie's - Family Sports Eatery
On Saturday, May 24th DENT hosted the pre derby DENT Welcome Party at Ralphie's Family Sports Eatery. The band 3 Stools and a Bar aka DENT Punishment Team Band had the place dancing and rocking. Drivers were able to meet other professional derby drivers from all over the country and have a few beers, tell a few stories. Once again, another party success.

2003 Super Modified National Championship
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